Farmers Insurance celebrated Dr. Seuss’ 115th birthday with a clever story

Farmers Insurance Celebrates Dr. Seuss' brithday - students
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The insurer released an ad based on real claims recreated into a Dr. Seuss-style storybook ad

Farmers Insurance chose to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day – what would have been the author and illustrator’s 115th birthday) – with an animated ad written in his storytelling style. “The More That You See” was based on real claims filed with the insurer and was voiced by Professor Burk, the brand’s spokes character (voiced by Oscar winner J.K. Simmons).

The amusing 60-second animated ad was amusing enough to enjoy viral status on social media.

“We wanted to recognize the witty and whimsical world of Dr. Seuss and celebrate our long-standing support of learning and education,” explained Farmers Insurance head of brand marketing, Leesa Eichberger. “We especially like how Dr. Seuss’ delightful and unexpected storytelling complements our unbelievable-but-true ‘We Know From Experience’ campaign, allowing us to share in his whimsical world authentically.”

The ad was created by RPA. The ad was based on the story and rhythm of “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”. It re-imagined actual claims made with the insurance company using Dr. Seuss characters as well as his rhyming pattern and a message encouraging viewers to get out into the world and explore. Though it doesn’t have quite the polish and flow of a genuine Dr. Seuss story, it was meant as a unique approach to sharing a message while celebrating the beloved children’s author.

Despite lacking Dr. Seuss’ specific wording panache, Farmers Insurance did manage to entertain.

In the story, Professor Burke shares the tale of a playful dog with a flair for mischief. “You’ll see that dogs are mostly good. But when good dogs are left alone, they might make a swimming pool in the living room of your home,” narrated the spokes character. It may not have quite the special appeal of Dr. Seuss’ own books, the author’s signature simple style is surprisingly challenging to mirror. This minute-long ad still managed to be fun and get the job done. Social media took to it quickly.

“The Dr. Seuss Enterprise team was aware of how Farmers shows teachable moments through fun campaigns,” said Eichberger as reported by Farmers Insurance welcomed “the collaboration, and we looked to emphasize Dr. Seuss characters and maintain the Seussian stylings. The key to synergy in our work together was to protect and respect the integrity of Dr. Seuss Enterprise’s IP while being able to deliver our creative message. Fortunately, Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Farmers had a similar style, incorporating humor and creativity while educating our audience.”

A full six-minute animated version of “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” read by Professor Burke was also Farmers Insurance Celebrates Dr. Seuss' brithday - studentsreleased as a further Dr. Seuss Day celebration by Farmers Insurance. This version was meant as a gift to parents, teachers and other caregivers and guardians. This day in February was celebrated by story readings at home and in classrooms.

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