Auto insurance affordability is a concern for 40% of US drivers

Auto Insurance - 40%

A recent survey has found that the cost is a major cause of stress for many motorists. The combination of the high annual inflation rate means that the cost of living is a growing challenge for Americans, and auto insurance has become a stressful concern. A recent survey showed that 43 percent of insured drivers had experienced a rate hike since last year. The survey was conducted by PolicyGenius. It showed that 43 percent of drivers were paying more in 2023 for their auto insurance coverage than they did in…

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Auto insurance rates calculations may be changing in Massachusetts

Auto Insurance Rates - Calculations - Money

A new bill has been proposed in the state that will alter the way premiums are calculated for drivers. A newly proposed bill in Massachusetts has the potential to greatly change the way auto insurance rates are calculated, and the amount people will be paying for their coverage in the state. The Senate bill is aimed at changing highly influential components used to calculate premiums. Among the factors that are most defining to auto insurance rates in Massachusetts is a driver’s ZIP code. However, the bill in the Senate is…

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Georgia to operate its own health insurance market under newly signed law

Health insurance - Georgia Laws

The state government will be operating the exchange on its own for the first time. Governor Brian Kemp (R) has signed a bill into law that will have the Georgia state government taking over its own health insurance marketplace for individual coverage for the first time. Among the reasons the governor signed the bill is to boost competition and give consumers options. According to Governor Kemp, who spoke at a ceremony at the state Capitol, this new law will provide state residents with a better way of “knowing and comparing…

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North Carolina lawmakers considering major health insurance changes

Health insurance - Changes Coming

At the same time, they are also considering substantial changes to the prescription drug industry. A number of bills are currently moving forward in North Carolina with the intention of overhauling components of the health insurance and pharmacy industries. Powerful companies are pushing hard in the hopes of securing regulations in their favor. The changes to the laws in the state would include those regulating Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, the largest health insurance company in the state. Those have already made it through their first committee, though…

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Will Fox News’ insurance policies cover its record $787.5 million Dominion settlement?

Insurance Policies - Fox News Channel Logo

The channel has agreed to the payout to the voting systems company, but it might have coverage for that. Fox News has agreed to a tremendous $787.5 million settlement payment to Dominion Voting Systems, though its insurance policies might provide coverage for much of that stunning amount. The payment represents the largest publicly known US defamation case settlement in history. As considerable as the figure is, it is unlikely to cause significant damage to Fox News. Fox Corp. reportedly already had almost $4.1 billion in cash available according to a…

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Bill to let health insurance companies and doctors in Florida deny patients care

Health insurance companies - Access to health care denied

The state is considering a bill that is intended to provide insurers and healthcare providers choice. A Florida bill currently under consideration is aiming to provide doctors and health insurance companies in the state permission to drop a patient or to choose not to pay for their health care based on what is being referred to as a “conscience-based objection.” Concern was immediately raised regarding the risk of discrimination if HB1403 were to pass. The highly controversial HB1403 could leave the door open for a broad spectrum of discrimination against…

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Workplace accident trends offer supplemental insurance sales opportunity for agents

Supplemental insurance - Work Injury

With rates of workplace accidents as high as they are in Northern US states, businesses are shopping. Recent reports are showing that Northern US states are experiencing high rates of workplace accidents, providing agents in these areas with an opportunity to offer supplemental insurance to protect their business customers. Businesses can offer these additional policies to their employees in case they are hurt on the job. The research was conducted by High Rise Financial based on the most recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their analysis provided…

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