Apps are playing an important role in the insurance industry

mobile apps insurance industry
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Mobile apps have become powerful tools for agents

mobile apps insurance industryMobile applications could be a very powerful tool for insurance agents and consumers alike. Much of the insurance industry has begun to make use of mobile apps in order to connect with consumers in a more personable way. These apps are sometimes used to assuage public opinion regarding the faceless, profit-minded conceptions that people have about insurance companies. To some degree, these applications have been successful, dispelling some of the negative stigma that has come to define the insurance industry.

For insurers, these applications could be valuable information gatherers.

In 2013, a report released by Novarica, titled “Mobile In Insurance Beyond Personal Lines; Current Trends and Expectations,” noted that 60% of insurers were expected to introduce mobile applications to policyholders and agents. The apps for consumers would allow them to pay their premiums online from a mobile device and find out more information about their policies, while the apps for agents would allow them to better connect with clients and give them access to data provided by these clients. Some applications that provide agents with consumer’s information and analytics have begun to emerge in the insurance industry, giving agents a better way to engage new clients.

While these apps can give agents access to valuable information, they can also be used to expose potential clients to new insurance products. These products can typically be found on insurer’s websites, but applications have the benefit of being accessible to consumers at any time of day. During a commute, for instance, someone may use these applications to purchase insurance coverage quickly. In this way, mobile applications allow agents to be readily accessible to new clients that may have questions about the products they are interested in.

Mobile technology is becoming more important in the insurance industry. Those not making use of applications and other such tools may find it difficult to remain relevant to consumers in the future. Agents that opt out of using applications to engage consumers may find it difficult to compete in the market or ensure that their clients remain satisfied for long.


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