Allstate coronavirus assistance announced for employees and customers alike

Allstate coronavirus - coverage help

The insurer has released its plans for supporting its workers and policyholders during the pandemic.

An updated Allstate coronavirus support strategy has been released by the insurer. This reflects the company’s efforts to help both its employees and its policyholders throughout the COVID-19 state of emergency.

The insurance company had already announced that it will cover personal vehicles for essential deliveries.

Part of the Allstate coronavirus support already announced was that it would extend its auto insurance coverage. Typically, anyone using their personal vehicles for commercial purposes – such as delivering food, medicine and other goods – would need to buy commercial auto insurance. Their personal policies wouldn’t cover them during the time that their vehicle was being used for commercial purposes. However, the insurer changed its regulations for the length of the outbreak to make it easier for people to do their part in keeping up food, medicine, and other essential deliveries throughout the outbreak.

That said, the insurance company has also announced some additional changes to help its customers and employees to navigate this difficult time. They have acknowledged that many people are facing unexpected financial struggles and that premiums payments may be difficult or impossible at the moment.

Therefore, part of the Allstate coronavirus support includes flexible payment options.

Allstate announced a new payment plan offering auto and homeowners insurance policyholders the option to delay or alter their payments. The first option lets them delay up to two consecutive premiums payments without facing penalties. They can then pay the owed amount by a later deadline.

Alternately, customers can opt to pay what they are able to afford at the time. There is no minimum payment amount. The remaining unpaid amount is added to subsequent bills to be paid off during future billing periods. These options can be requested by contacting an agent or the insurer’s official customer service line. Additionally, non-renewals due to nonpayment are also being put on pause for the moment, to give customers a grace period in which to catch up.

For employees, the Allstate coronavirus support has translated to remote work. In fact, 90 percent of the insurer’s global workforce is now working remotely. Those that cannot work remotely are continuing to be paid their full- and part-time rates. Allstate coronavirus - coverage helpUS workers also have access to wellbeing services such as emotional and financial support lines, telemedicine and prescription home delivery.

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