Third quarter United States insurance report for 2012

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Newly published research is now available providing predictions for Q3.

The United States Insurance Report for the third quarter of this year has now been released to take into consideration the futures of insurers in both the life and non-life (including health and property and casualty) sectors.

This insurance news report identifies the commonalities between the sectors and what is needed to maintain profitability.

It based this information on their ability to have achieved rapid growth in 2011, and considered many of the challenges that were faced by insurers at that time. It also identified and discussed the major themes and trends in both segments use the latest economic projections and forecasts by BMI for the relevant factors of the economy in the United States, such as the amount of vehicle registration spending and how much is being paid for healthcare.

This research placed the American insurance industry into context among all other BMI surveyed national markets.

The results published by the leading life insurers substantiate the claim that those companies are the top beneficiaries of the continuing increase of American organized savings, with a standard of increases in premiums across the board.

Last year, many of the top insurers posted growth in their sales that was in the double digits. Others were capable of maintaining their profitability levels, despite the fact that it was an environment of lower interest rates and that there were occasional financial market volatility events.

While there was a multi-year low reached in the profitability levels of the property and casualty insurers, the most recent data – which was drawn from the publications in April 2012 – indicated that that same sector achieved a solid performance which was marked by interest rates that were low.

Among non-life insurers, there were also net losses and loss adjustment expenses of over $35 billion in 2011, which still needed to be managed.

The United States insurance sector, when compared to its peers among the developed nations – looks as though it will continue to maintain or improve in terms of its Risk/Reward Ratings. According to BMI, there will be a notable absolute terms growth within the period of the report’s forecast. The GDP’s nominal increase may be a key driver in the market’s ability to remain prospective.


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