The pandemic hasn’t stopped auto insurance claims satisfaction from rising

Auto insurance claims satisfaction - Woman smiling in car

Consumers continue to be increasingly pleased with the quality of their experience, says JD Power.

The pandemic hasn’t stopped steady improvements in auto insurance claims satisfaction from continuing this year. In fact, the reduced number of filings may have contributed to this trend.

Fewer claims have given insurers the opportunity to fine tune their customer service.

As a result, insurers are able to provide higher quality claims service, leading to improved auto insurance claims satisfaction among customers. The J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study recorded a 22 percent reduction in the frequency of repairable filings. As a result, cycle times have decreased, service delivery has improved and, overall, customers are happier with their experience.

On the whole, the satisfaction levels with the entire process rose to a record high level of 872 points (out of 1,000). In 2019, the score had been 868 points. This represents the third consecutive year in which this score has improved.

This auto insurance claims satisfaction has increased the number of customers who intend to renew.

The improved processing speed for claimants throughout the pandemic has brought on an increase in the percentage of customers who stated that they definitely intended to renew with their current insurer, when compared to that same figure before the pandemic, said the report.

“This is important because it demonstrates that efforts to improve claimant service delivery translates directly to improved business outcomes,” explained J.D. Power head of property/casualty insurance intelligence Tom Super. He also pointed out that improved satisfaction rates can lead customers to be more likely to renew their policies with their current insurer.

As drivers head back out onto the roads again, the number of crashes and filings will start to rise once more. As a result, insurers will lose the time advantage from which they had been benefiting in order to improve the experience they provided their customers. “The challenge now, of course, will be maintaining that high level of service as claims volumes start to normalize,” said Super.

Auto insurance claims satisfaction - Woman smiling in carThis auto insurance claims satisfaction study is based on J.D. Power’s survey of 11,055 policyholders who settled a filing within 6 months of participating in the research.

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