Texas health insurance company boosts diabetes programs

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

Aetna is now selling two programs geared specifically toward tackling the disease in that state.

Texas health insurance and the medical system as a whole is in a virtual crisis due to the number of people in its population that have diabetes, and Aetna is hoping to help to overcome that by offering two new programs geared specifically toward this disease.

The state has over 1.7 million adults who are living with diabetes at the moment.Texas Health Insurance Aetna news

Research has indicated that this is a whopping 12 percent greater than the national average. According to doctors, the largest challenge that they face is making certain that patients are receiving the right tests, knowing that they have been performed, and making sure that those patients are following the treatment orders. As these tests and treatments are not cheap, Texas health insurance has become a vital part of the battle against the disease.

Aetna’s Texas health insurance will now help to support both patients and doctors in this battle.

They are designed to help to make sure that patients will receive the tests that they need, and that doctors will be able to obtain the data collected through those tests, and be better capable of treating their patients.

These new Texas health insurance programs will also place a heightened focus on helping to address the chronic conditions – such as diabetes – that are becoming increasingly problematic among the state’s ethnic minority populations. In this effort, the insurer is working with the Dallas-Fort Worth based Medical Clinic of North Texas (MCNT) in order to assist Hispanic and African Americans to control their diabetes more effectively.

According to the senior medical director at Aetna, Grant Tarbox, D.O., “Aetna has collected race and ethnicity information from nearly six million Aetna members who have voluntarily provided the data. This data indicated Aetna’s African American and Hispanic members in Texas do not seem to get the same health results compared to whites.” Tarbox explained that the outcome of this is the ability to concentrate on boosting the understanding of issues among the various cultures, so that the Texas health insurance company will be better capable of assisting patients and doctors to work together more effectively for the management of the disease.

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