Washington insurance exchange is running funny new ads to try to reach residents

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These advertisements are a part of a broader marketing campaign to teach the value of health plans. The Washington state health insurance exchange has now launched a new outreach and advertising campaign that has been designed to help residents to be able to better understand the type of value that the coverage of a health plan can provide. These new television ads have been designed to use humor to draw attention to the benefits of health coverage. The new commercials take a satirical look at the way that various characters…

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Health insurance rates set to go up in Washington

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Washington residents will be paying more for their insurance coverage in 2015 Health insurance in Washington may become more expensive next year. The Office of the Insurance Commissioner expects to see premiums grow by a modest degree in 2015, noting that those with coverage and those seeking coverage will be spending more money on their policies. Rates are expected to see modest growth in comparison to how much they had increased in the years leading up to federal health care reform. Insurance rates expected to increase by an average of…

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Special health insurance enrollment period launched in Washington

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Insurance Commissioner launches special enrollment period for some consumers in Washington Following several months of consumer complaints regarding Washington’s health insurance exchange, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is taking action on the matter. The state’s exchange has been crippled for some time by technical problems and billing issues that have left many consumers without insurance coverage. Some of the exchange’s problems have been resolved, and Commissioner Kreidler has launched a special enrollment period in order to ensure that some consumers have adequate access to the health insurance services that they need.…

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Washington health insurance exchange battles severe issues

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More than 6,000 people are reporting significant problems with the state’s insurance exchange Washington’s health insurance exchange continues to suffer from problems that are making it difficult for consumers to use their coverage. Some 6,000 people have reported issues in using their insurance coverage due to glitches in the exchange’s new program. This program was introduced in order to overcome some of the problems the exchange had experienced during its initial few months of operation, but the program has created new problems that may be difficult to solve. Insurance Commissioner…

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Marijuana creates some uncertainty in the health insurance space

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Some insurers may opt to raise rates for marijuana users in the future Some companies in the insurance industry are still unsure how to approach the issue of legal marijuana. In Colorado and Washington, where the use of recreational marijuana is legal, the issue has not yet had any impact on health insurance premiums. This may not be the case for long, however, as insurers begin to examine whether or not smoking marijuana can be considered to be within the same category as smoking tobacco, in terms of risk. Despite…

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