Census report highlights lack of health insurance

Average Concentration of Uninsured People in America 2009

Report provides further insight into the health insurance problem of some states A recently released report from the U.S. Census Bureau highlighted the shortfalls in health insurance across the country. The report draws attention to where health insurance coverage is scarce and attempts to provide some insight as to why this may be the case. Kansas made insurance news headlines late last month as it was highlighted in the report, but the Census Bureau notes that the state is not the only one suffering from lack of health insurance coverage.…

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States without health overhaul plans contain 75 percent of uninsured Americans

According to an analysis performed by the Associated Press, three out of every four Americans who do not have health insurance are residents of states that have not yet established how they will be meeting the requirements of the healthcare overhaul. According to the same analysis, the largest medical coverage safety net in American history is progressing, but is doing so in sudden sharp leaps and pauses. At the moment, according to insurance coverage data provided by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan group, the country is in a truly patchwork…

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