Life insurance companies are the focus of a new law in Montana

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A new bill has just been signed by the state governor that requires firms to search for beneficiaries. Governor Steve Bullock has just signed a new Montana bill that will require that life insurance companies always search for policy beneficiaries when the policyholder has died. This is the case even when there have not been any claims submitted following the policyholder’s death. The bill was created as a response to a number of settlement agreements that have been made across the country in which life insurance companies had been charged…

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Life insurance benefits worth $665 million unclaimed in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo life insurance new york

Over 89,000 people across the United States will be receiving their portion of the total amount. Nearly 90,000 people throughout the country will be receiving their due portions of a total of more than $665 million in life insurance benefits to which they had no idea they were entitled. The governor of the state has said that these benefits payments are the outcome of a new law. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the life insurance payments have come from a law that was signed in 2012, which requires insurers to…

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Life insurance dispute to be settled as AIG agrees to pay over $300 million

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This money will go to the U.S. states involved in the massive disputes. According to the finance office in California, American International Group (AIG) will be making payouts totaling over $300 million in order to settle a dispute with several different states regarding unclaimed life insurance payments. The payment will be split among 39 different U.S. states as well as Washington D.C. This single agreement regarding property that remained unclaimed from AIG will require the life insurance company to pay more than $300 million that is owed on a tremendous…

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Unclaimed billions from life benefits…who will get it?

Lawmakers in the U.S. are battling over billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance benefits. A number of states have stepped into the legal arena, hoping to lay claim to the money. Technically, the money belongs to beneficiaries, but states have laws that impose statutes on how long benefits can go unclaimed. The money presents an enticing opportunity for states that have dangerously thin wallets. California, in particular, has been aggressive in their pursuit of these funds. The state, after meandering through the legal process, is now pressuring insurance companies…

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