Will the UK Financial Services Industry be Affected by Brexit?

UK Financial Services

The UK has for many decades been a financial services hub within Europe and the World, with large financial services companies being head quartered in the UK or operating their EMEA or European operations in the City of London.  With the potential exit from the European Union (EU), many customers of these large financial institutions will be concerned whether their products and services will still be valid following Brexit. At the present time any financial services organization authorized to operate in any European Economic Area (EEA) country can conduct business…

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EU “unisex” laws take their tolls on the finances of both men and women

The latest rule changes in the European Union involving unisex pricing have meant that at the end of this year, when the regulations go into effect, men and women will both be facing expenses that they have never seen before. A primary example of this change is the ruling that prevents gender discrimination while establishing auto insurance premiums – regardless of the fact that it is less likely that a woman driver will be involved in a car accident than a man driver, and that crashes involving female drivers are…

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