Report highlights the complexity of the cyber insurance market

cyber insurance

Crawford releases report showing that the frequency and complexity of cyber insurance claims is on the rise A new report from Crawford & Co. shows that the cyber insurance market is becoming increasingly complex. The frequency and complexity of claims is one of the primary challenges facing this market currently. Insurers are typically well suited to address the potential risks that exist in any given market, but the advent of technology has changed many things in the world. The insurance industry has not yet had enough time to fully understand…

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Demand for cyber insurance is on the rise

Cyber Insurance

Cyber attacks are becoming more common, leading to a rise in demand for insurance protection Cyber attacks of businesses are beginning to increase in frequency, according to Lloyd’s of London’s Barbican Group. The underwriting group believes that the market for cyber insurance will increase dramatically over the coming years, noting that premiums for this coverage have skyrocketed since 2009. Businesses are beginning to be targeted by cyber attacks because some of them lack appropriate security measures, while others simply cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of digital threats.…

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