UberX generates auto insurance controversy in Canada

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UberX has received criticism for the insurance coverage it provides its drivers Ride-share company UberX has generated some controversy in Canada concerning auto insurance. Toronto’s taxi industry has voiced concerns about the insurance coverage that UberX provides its drivers. Per the company’s policies, its drivers are not required to purchase commercial auto insurance. There are concerns that the company does not ensure that its drivers have liability coverage either, which could place drivers and their passengers in a risky position in the event of a major accident. All rides on…

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Auto insurance question raised about Uber coverage in Toronto

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The ride share company may not be providing adequate protection to its drivers to operate in the Canadian city. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released a statement that has said that it is concerned that Uber, a ride share company in the country, is not providing its drivers with the auto insurance coverage that is required for them to be adequately protected for operations on the roads of Toronto. Uber Canada has assured the public that its drivers are providing the safest transportation experience in the city. In Toronto,…

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