Teens may be driving up auto insurance rates

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Rates for teen drivers are on the rise in Utah and other states Teen drivers may be pushing auto insurance costs higher in Utah and other states. A new survey from insuranceQuotes.com shows that the average premium for auto coverage has increased by 89% throughout the state. Utah is now home to the 15th highest auto insurance rates in the country, and teenagers may be responsible for this. Teens have long been a major risk for insurance companies, largely due to conceptions regarding their recklessness and lack of driving experience.…

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Teen drivers pay far more for auto insurance than other age groups

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New study shows motorists aged 16 to 19 pay up to double the premiums of older adults. The findings from a New York-based auto insurance study on teen drivers has shown that age is a vital element that helps to determine the way that premiums are calculated for vehicle coverage. Young drivers with little to no experience pay far more than any other drivers on the road. In fact, the report on the car insurance research findings indicated that some teen drivers are paying up to double the premiums that…

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