Are teacher insurance benefits expenses making the job cost prohibitive?

insurance benefits teacher

The latest increases for educators in Alabama have people wondering if the position will lose its appeal. Budget struggles in Alabama will likely be sending the out of pocket expenses for teacher insurance benefits upward, yet again, and while it may not have been as dramatic as some had predicted, it is still an added cost and there are worries with regards to the impact that this could have on the profession of the educator. The issue is that teachers will be paying higher insurance rates for their coverage which…

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Violence insurance sought by Jamaican government on behalf of teachers

violence insurance

The Ministry of Education has announced that it is considering a protection package for educators. The Ministry of Education in Jamaica has revealed that it is looking into the implementation of a violence insurance package that would be designed to assist teachers who have been attacked and injured by their pupils while they are working. The Education Minister first made this announcement during a press conference in Kingston. Ronnie Thwaites, the Minister of Education, spoke on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister in Jamaica’s capital city, explaining why…

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S&P claims top insurance companies could lose leading ratings

Standard & Poor’s recently announced that the top insurers in the country may lose their leading credit ratings as a result of the debates that have raised the federal debt ceiling. Affected insurance companies could include New York Life Insurance and the Texas-based USAA, as well as the Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of America, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., and Knights of Columbus.  Standard & Poor’s stated that each of these insurers risk losing their AAA credit ratings. The S&P statement said that the cause is the “significant holdings”…

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