Alberta, Canada, sees 91 percent spike in employment insurance recipients

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The province that had previously had a boom in job availability is now facing astounding unemployment rates. New research from Statistics Canada has shown that the province of Alberta has reached a tremendous increase in employment insurance recipients when compared to the rate in January 2015. The Statistics Canada data has shown that the figure in January 2016 is a massive 91 percent higher. In fact, across the country, the number of people receiving employment insurance has increased by 7 percent, but the majority of that figure is actually the…

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Employment insurance claims are on the rise in Canada

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Claims have increased by nearly 30% in Alberta The number of those living in Alberta, Canada, applying for employment insurance benefits is on the rise, according to a report from Statistics Canada. Employment insurance in Canada is similar to unemployment insurance in the United States. Those applying for benefits receive temporary financial assistance while looking for work or improving their skills. Throughout Canada, employment insurance claims have risen by an average of 6.7%. Report shows that more than 500,000 Canadians currently receive employment insurance benefits According to the report from…

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