Usage based insurance partnership formed by Sprint

Usage Based Insurance

The wireless giant is now partnering with Intelligent Mechatronic Systems to appeal to auto insurers. Sprint has now announced that it is entering into a partnership with Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, a usage based insurance technology provider that allows auto insurers to be able to offer telematics based coverage to their customers. This category is now taking off among insurance companies, basing premiums on a driver’s actual risk. Traditionally, auto insurance companies use broad generalizations about various categories of drivers in order to calculate premiums. Factors can include everything from location…

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Usage based insurance is Sprint’s next step in wireless

Usage based insurance-sprint

The company will be offering tracking technology to auto insurers. Sprint, the American wireless giant, has announced that it will providing usage based insurance tracking technology to auto insurers with programs that monitor the driving habits of their policyholders/ The announcement was made regarding Sprint’s new Integrated Insurance Solutions unit. The usage based insurance programs in which the technology will function are popping up all over the country. Among them, Progressive’s Snapshot has been among the most popular. The technology tracks various driver behaviors, such as the distance the car…

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