Oil insurance sanctions still affecting South Korean Iran crude imports

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The country had imported 1.97 million barrels per day throughout the month of August. The latest reports regarding the impact of the oil insurance sanctions from the west on Iran regarding the crude that leaves that country’s shores have indicated that South Korea did import 1.97 million barrels per day of Iranian crude throughout the month of August. When compared to the figures from August 2012, this is notably higher, only because the country imported nothing. The oil insurance sanctions had only just gone into effect at that time last…

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Oil insurance allows South Korea to prepare for its second Iranian shipment

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SK Energy has already loaded another cargo of crude from Iran. The largest refiner in South Korea, SK Energy, is taking advantage of the relatively newly available oil insurance to load its second crude cargo from Iran, skirting the coverage ban from the European Union that brought the shipments to a standstill for nearly two months. Two million barrels are being shipped in this second run, while avoiding the sanctions. The oil insurance was provided by Iran, itself, making it possible to step around the problems that had previously halted…

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