Mixed reviews on new Florida property insurance bill

Many homeowners who live in Florida may not be so excited about Florida Lawmakers passing Senate Bill 408.  The bill is sponsored by Senator G. Richter, and is one of several, aimed at knocking down the “cost drivers” that are causing insurance rates to skyrocket. The bill focuses on creating more competition in the private marketplace and cutting down on fraudulent sinkhole claims. Earlier last month during a Capitol press conference, two local representatives spoke out against SB Bill 408.  One of the lawmakers opposing the bill went against his…

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Homeowners insurance premiums on the rise

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Insurance rates are increasing all across America. Homeowner’s policies, automotive and healthcare have all seen sizeable increases over the last few years. It’s looking like 2011 will be no different; several states will be seeing moderate to substantial increases to their homeowner’s policies. Homeowner’s across the United States have been seeing an increase in premiums for several years. The first major increase was due to the 2004 and 2005 hurricane season; the damage in those two years (especially from hurricane Katrina), caused massive claims and payouts. Many agree that as…

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