Federal judge likely won’t stop San Jose gun insurance law

Gun insurance - Gun Laws

This first of its kind measure in California will require firearm owners to purchase liability coverage. Despite expressing certain misgivings about a San Jose, California city ordinance requiring gun insurance for firearm owners, she indicated that she is unlikely to stand in its way. The judge expressed reservations about the component requiring firearm owners to pay a certain fee. US District Judge Bet Labson Freeman in San Jose stated at a video-conference hearing that it was not her belief that the gun insurance law implicated the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.…

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California city approves first US gun liability insurance law

Liability insurance - person carrying firearm

San Jose voted last week to require that anyone owning firearms must also carry adequate coverage. The San Jose Council recently gave its overwhelming approval to a law that would require gun owners in the Californian city to carry liability insurance. Gun owners widely opposed the measure, saying it violates their Second Amendment rights. Those opposed to the new liability insurance law have threatened to sue San Jose over the violation of their rights. This move by the Silicon Valley city follows a broad and growing trend among Democratic-led cities…

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