Allstate’s auto insurance app users have 25 percent fewer severe crashes

Auto insurance - 25% less serious accidents

The insurer’s research showed that its Drivewise app customers are safer behind the wheel The Allstate auto insurance Drivewise app is no longer anything new, and customers across America are using it to help ensure that the premiums they pay are based on their habits, in the hopes of saving money. According to the insurer, those drivers are also safer drivers The insurer provides its customers with the choice to opt in to use its auto insurance app, which offers safe driving support and tracks general vehicle use behaviors.  Allstate…

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Talks of North Carolina new insurance regulation stirs the pot

North Carolinian legislators are toiling over a new bill that could make insurers a lot of money. The bill, which has the support of some of the state’s largest insurance companies, would enable auto insurers to raise their rates by 15% every year. There are also provisions within the legislation that would put strict limitations on the regulatory authority of North Carolina, giving companies more freedom to operate as they see fit. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is convinced that the legislation is derived from companies wanting more money and nothing…

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