5 Medical Insurance Ideas Post-Retirement

Medicare 2012

Similar to planning your pension or retirement fund, planning your medical insurance for post retirement is largely a case of future planning. Taking into consideration the current global economic situation, we are living in a time of great financial insecurity. By planning ahead, we can hopefully try to cushion any unexpected financial changes, be it personal finances or state finances. These issues are hard to bracket into one general group, as everybody’s financial and personal situation is individual but these tips might help to get you on the right track…

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Common Family Financial Problems and Their Solutions

Financial Tips

 Today’s financial worries hit home… The harsh economic realities of recent years have caused many families to  struggle financially. There are several areas in which a family can get into trouble. The following are 5 common areas of distress, and realistic solutions for each. Underwater Mortgage After the recent economic crisis, many families found themselves with an underwater mortgage. Basically, they owed more on their house than it was worth. The first step, especially if a homeowner wants to stay in the home, is to get the house reappraised. If…

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Money Matters: Tips for Managing your Money for the Short Term and the Long Term

High-deductible health insurance enrollees are on the increase

The importance of money management should never be underestimated. Just ask some of the big names in the finances industry and they will tell you that financial management is the key to a secure future. One should plan not only for the short term but for the long term as well. There can be so many unforeseen circumstances where you might have to spend money. An example of this could be funeral planning if a relative or family member passes away. If you do not have money to even pay…

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Long term care insurance prices are soaring

Long Term Care insurance Costs

The cost of coverage for nursing home fees is up by double digits this year. The price associated with covering oneself against the cost of a nursing home or other similar forms of assistance service is skyrocketing, as long term care insurance premiums rise by 6 to 17 percent this year. The amount of the increase depends on the type of coverage that is purchased. This data is from the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance. Many insurers in this sector are finding that they are losing money and…

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Life insurance may address retirement issues

Annuities retirement strategy pennsylvania insurance commissioner

Accenture releases new global survey concerning retirement issues Accenture, a global management consulting and technology services firm, has released a new survey regarding how consumers feel about their financial situation after retirement. Finances have become a serious concern for a large number of people all over the world. The 2008 economic disaster, as well as the ongoing financial crisis in Europe, has put money on the minds of millions. The survey suggests that many of the issues plaguing the minds of consumers in respect to their retirement could be tied…

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Survey shows financial plans should include insurance

According to a Saybrus Partners survey, just under half of the American adults who have received professional financial advising and who have a financial plan have ever addressed the issue of including life insurance as a part of their portfolio. Saybrus Partners is a Hartford, Connecticut-based life insurance partnership company. Among the survey participants who said that they had talked with their financial advisors about life insurance, 15 percent said that the discussion was held over a decade ago. An additional 40 percent had talked about it within the last…

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