Renewable energy industry insurance claims are growing

Renewable Energy Industry Insurance Claims - Lightbulb on Grass

Both the severity and the frequency of these claims are rising in the American renewable energy market. Renewable energy industry insurance claims are on the rise, both in terms of severity and frequency, said an insurer specializing in this market, GCube Insurance. The figures have seen a considerable increase over the last half decade, which means that asset owners and insurers alike will need to alter their risk benchmark. The insurance company linked the change in claims frequency and with very specific causes. According to GCube Insurance, the renewable energy…

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Insurance industry and renewable energy go hand-in-hand

green alternative energy insurance industry

The insurance industry may help direct the course of clean energy’s future Renewable energy is becoming more prominent throughout the world. Developing countries are turning to clean energy for the sake of economic growth, while larger countries are looking to use renewable power to cut down on the emissions that they produce through the consumption of fossil-fuels. Renewable energy is poised to become the most important business sector in the world as fossil-fuels begin to fall from favor, and the insurance industry may play a major role in the future…

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