Insurance fraud uncovered in Utah substance-abuse clinics

workers compensation scam insurance fraud

Investigator uncovers troubling insurance fraud problem in the state Insurance fraud has become a major problem in Utah, with substance-abuse treatment centers finding financial success through fraudulent billings. Randy Mauer, an investigator for Cambia Health Solutions, spoke with state lawmakers concerning the issue, suggesting that these treatment clinics are bringing in tens of millions of dollars due to their fraudulent practices. The issue may be quite severe, which could have serious implications for the state’s health insurance market. Fraud seems to be targeting insurers owned by Cambia Health Solutions Investigations…

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Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield looks to raise rates in Oregon

Health Insurance rate increases

Insurer’s rate proposal may be unjustifiable, according to the OSPIRG Foundation Recently, Oregon’s Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield sought to increase rates for individual health insurance plans. According to the rate increase proposal, some consumers may see their premiums rise by as much as 16% if the proposal is accepted by state regulators. A new analysis released by the OSPIRG Foundation, a consumer advocacy group, suggests that the health insurance company is not able to justify its need for rate increases. The rate proposal from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield…

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Oregon’s low cost health insurer takes a rate hike

Last week, Oregon-based Regence Blue Cross Blue shield was called upon to answer concerns from regulators regarding proposed rate increase of 22%. The state’s Insurance Division hosted the public meeting, the first of its kind in more than two decades. 200 Oregon residents attended the meeting to hear firsthand the rationalization behind the rate change proposal. They were also given the opportunity to make comment and question company officials regarding the issue. Regence provides insurance customers to 12% of the state’s population. The insurer often provides affordable coverage for those…

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