Holiday season travelers are purchasing travel insurance for many reasons

Travel insurance - Airplane holiday travel

Whether they’re visiting family, going on a winter adventure, or getting away from it all, travel insurance coverage matters. Though heading on a trip during the winter can be a fantastic way to get together with those you love or get away from everyday life, travel insurance is increasingly valued to help protect against the many risks and challenges that can go with heading away from home. Though there are risks to trips at any time of the year, winter comes with its own bundle of hazards. It doesn’t take…

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Travel insurance to cover your trip into space

It is predicted that this year will bring the first commercial flights into space, and with them, those space tourists will also be purchasing travel insurance to provide them with additional coverage for their trips. Among the leading space tourism companies is Virgin Galactic, which is offering coverage directly through its website, though these travelers can also speak with their travel agents if they want to obtain the coverage they need, just as they would for any other type of traditional vacation. Though the ultra-wealthy have already been taking space…

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One fifth of people in the U.K. don’t purchase travel insurance when taking a trip

A survey by the Abta travel organization has shown that one fifth of all travelers in the United Kingdom take their vacations without purchasing travel insurance. The survey included the participation of 2,018 people and determined that a comparable percentage believed that if anything should go wrong, the U.K. government would pick up the tab. As a result of this surprising statistic, Abta is now urging all travelers to purchase insurance at the same time that they make their holiday bookings. The survey also indicated that the concern that topped…

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