Insurance news made as Progressive launches campaign with no Flo

Progressive Insurance news Flo

The latest ads from the insurer are concentrating on values instead of the typical discount focus. The mental image that is called up when thinking about Progressive typically includes Flo, the perky sales clerk who has become the company mascot, though this is not the case in the latest insurance news relating to the insurer’s marketing campaign. The light hearted ads from the insurer have become a signature advertising style. That said, the latest campaign is making insurance news by breaking with their tradition and implementing a much more serious…

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Insurance news story about Progressive should be seen as a warning to insurers

insurance news

Experts now wonder if this social media fail will generate changes in the industry. In an attempt to save $75,000, Progressive Corp. has now found itself at the sour end of an insurance news story that has brought the rage of thousands, if not millions, of people against it. Other insurers who witnessed the story may soon be making changes to prevent this from happening to them. This type of insurance news, spread throughout social media, can be exceptionally damaging to the reputation of a company. This may mean that…

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Progressive makes insurance news with opportunities for drivers to save

Progressive has made several announcements regarding ways in which it is making auto insurance coverage more affordable. For example, it has announced that drivers in West Virginia will now be seeing lower premiums for their car insurance. According to Allison Feakins, the West Virginia product manager for Progressive, “We make it easy and affordable for consumers to get car insurance.” She explained that the company is regularly reviewing the rates that it charges and that the market conditions have now permitted some changes that will assist individuals in saving money. Moreover,…

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