Progressive makes insurance news with opportunities for drivers to save

Progressive has made several announcements regarding ways in which it is making auto insurance coverage more affordable.

Auto-insurance-ways-to-saveFor example, it has announced that drivers in West Virginia will now be seeing lower premiums for their car insurance. According to Allison Feakins, the West Virginia product manager for Progressive, “We make it easy and affordable for consumers to get car insurance.”

She explained that the company is regularly reviewing the rates that it charges and that the market conditions have now permitted some changes that will assist individuals in saving money. Moreover, Feakins also added that in addition to the lower rates that will be charged by the insurer, they are also offering customers a number of different helpful tools that will make it simpler to understand and purchase a policy.

Among them is the Name Your Price tool from Progressive, which is simple to use and allows individuals to customize their coverage packages in order to make them more affordable.

The West Virginia car insurance rate reduction will benefit some customers more than others but it is likely that all customers with that insurer will see some savings.

Beyond tools and rate changes, Progressive is also offering a Pay As You Drive Program…

which allows better drivers to enjoy larger savings. This program is designed to benefit individuals who avoid heavy and hard use of their brakes, families that have a car that is rarely used, business travelers who park their cars in airport lots while they’re away for most of the week, and others who are unlikely to get into an accident.

It is a style of discount program known as usage-based insurance. This type of coverage is gaining in popularity throughout North America and Europe. The Progressive program is nicknamed Snapshot, and it allows good drivers the opportunity to save up to 30 percent on their premiums based on their actual driving habits. This can lead to a savings of an average of $150.

Article: Progressive makes insurance news with opportunities for drivers to save
Article Source: Live Insurance News
Author: Julie Campbell

Progressive makes insurance news with opportunities for drivers to save


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