Health insurance benefits regulations released by HHS

health insurance substance abuse rehab

The department has now provided additional information to assist the states. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has now issued additional details regarding health insurance benefits requirements that have to do with coverage of prescription drugs. The cover has now been further strengthened for the millions of people who will be buying plans. These prescription drug benefits regulations will apply to health insurance policies that will come available late in 2013, in time for the official complete opening of the state exchanges, as per the overall healthcare overhaul…

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American consumers want experimental drugs covered by insurance

Insurance for Experimental procedures

Scientists from the School of Public Health at Harvard have recently asked Americans, as well as people in Italy, the U.K., and Germany, if they felt that decreasing the overall cost of healthcare was worth eliminating expensive experimental treatments. The results of this survey indicated that among Americans, 62 percent were opposed to “decisions by the government or health insurance plans” for denying care if they should decide that the cost are not justified by the benefits that the care provides. Each country’s participants in the survey provided comparable results.…

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