Homeowners insurance rates on the rise in Florida

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Citizens Property Insurance to raise rates in South Florida and elsewhere Water damage claims are becoming more common in South Florida, which is leading to an increase in homeowners insurance rates in the region. Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance had intended to reduce rates for homeowners in South Florida, but water damage claims have become more plentiful and more costly. Most of the state’s water damage claims originate from South Florida, which is no surprise considering the region’s proximity to the ocean and the storms it is exposed to. Rates had…

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Health insurance endeavor in Florida may be dubious foreshadowing for exchange initiative

Florida health insurance

Health insurance program from Palm Beach County is met with significant challenges While health care reform begins to take hold on a national level, several counties throughout the U.S. are looking to make health insurance more accessible to consumers on their own. Such is the case in Pam Beach Country, Florida, where county officials are working to ensure that all residents have access to the health insurance they need. According to officials, one in five residents of Palm Beach County currently lack coverage. While officials are working to address this…

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