Auto insurance confusion leaves some snowbirds uninsured

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For those who drive south throughout the winter, it’s important to remember state coverage regulations. New information has been released from, a consumer financial info provider, which has revealed that snowbirds who drive to warmer states throughout the winter may not have the auto insurance coverage they need as they move from one region of the country to the next. Every year, there are about a million people who head to Florida and Arizona receives another 300,000. While these snowbirds move from Canada and more northern states using their…

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Out-of-state health insurance companies may be able to sell policies in Washington

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Washington lawmakers mull possibility of out-of-state insurers selling policies within the state For many Washington residents, health insurance plans from last year remain cancelled. These people saw their coverage evaporate at the beginning of the year as provisions of the federal health care reform law took effect. While some insurance providers have opted to continue honoring policies that were meant to be cancelled, per a provision from the Obama Administration, many insurers have opted to keep cancelled policies cancelled. Some state lawmakers believe that action must be taken in order…

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