Student health plan may launch at the University of Oregon

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The college is considering the creation of its own self-insured coverage that it would call UOCare. The University of Oregon has now decided to consider the creation of its own student health plan in order to provide insurance to those who are enrolled at the college, in order to help to make certain that those who are enrolled are also covered. Should the university self-insure, it will affect both new and returning students for the term starting in the fall. The student health plan would include the on-campus healthcare plus…

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Wildfire insurance could continue in Oregon, but at a cost

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The state will be able to continue to purchase its unique coverage, but with a higher deductible and premium. Lloyd’s of London has now offered Oregon wildfire insurance coverage of up to $25 million for the upcoming season, but it will involve a greater expense than in previous years and the deductible will be notably higher. For instance, the coverage that will be provided will kick in only after the state has paid a $50 million deductible. After that deductible has been paid, the wildfire insurance coverage being provided by…

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Health insurance controversy emerges in Oregon

Oregon Health Insurance technology

Oregon files lawsuit against Oracle concerning health insurance program The State of Oregon has filed a new lawsuit against Oracle concerning the state’s troubled health insurance program. According to the state, Oracle is currently planning to stop hosting Oregon’s Medicaid system, which could cause problems for people trying to enroll in the health insurance program. Oracle has been hosting the state’s Medicaid site, which serves as a way for state residents to sign up for the health insurance coverage that they need. Lawsuit aims to force Oracle to continue hosting…

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Insurance news shows “sharing economy” isn’t adequately covered

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The typical policy is no longer protecting people in certain behaviors that have become commonplace. The latest insurance news from Oregon now includes a statement released by that state’s commissioner with regards to what he called a “sharing economy” and that the typical type of policy does not provide adequate coverage for using a vehicle as a part of a ride sharing service or for renting out a home. In Oregon, the insurance commissioner has previously remained quiet about coverage in these areas. Services such as Uber and Airbnb are…

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Fire insurance policy used by Oregon to cover wildfires

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The state has already managed to burn its way through the deductible and is being assisted by its coverage. Oregon has now started to reach into its fire insurance coverage in order to help pay for the rising cost of battling wildfires in the state, and this is the second year in a row that it has been required to do so. This year, the number of acres that have been burned down have exceeded the average of the last decade. In fact, the wildfires in Oregon have tripled the…

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