Insurance exchange in Oregon leads to breach of contract lawsuit

Oregon Health Insurance exchange

Oracle Corp. has now sued the state, alleging that the software it created is still being used regardless of disputed bills. The technology company behind the original insurance exchange in Oregon has now filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the state, saying that officials from that government are continuing to use Oracle Corp. software, even though there remain $23 million in disputed bills. The lawsuit was filed by Oracle at the very end of last week, in a Portland federal court. According to the filing, Oracle claims that state…

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Federal leeway on insurance benefits may push back plans for a health insurance exchange in Oregon

Earlier this month, the Obama administration announced that it would allow states to take control of the benefits they offer to consumers through their health insurance exchange program. While hailed as a major boon for states, the added leeway may push back efforts to form an exchange, such is the case in Oregon, where legislators have delayed current plans to further investigate how an exchange will affect the state’s insurance industry and its consumers. Director of the Oregon insurance exchange Howard “Rocky” King claims that the exchange could extend coverage to…

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