Homeowners insurance in Ohio among the cheapest

Ohio homeowners Insurance

The state’s auto coverage is also considered to be among the most affordable in the country. Mary Taylor, the Ohio Lieutenant Governor and the director of the Department of Insurance, has recently announced that the auto and homeowners insurance premiums within the state are yet again some of the lowest in the country. In her statement, she said that the marketplace in the state continues to offer favorable premiums. Taylor explained that “Ohio’s competitive insurance market continues to provide consumers with choice and lower insurance premiums compared to the rest…

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Homeowners insurance rates spike following severe storms

Homeowners Insurance

Ohio weather has caused the price of coverage to climb by 40 percent in 7 years. Residents of Ohio have been watching their homeowners insurance rates steadily climb from 2003 through 2010, and this trend is expected to continue onward following a series of severe weather events. The 40 percent increase is only the beginning of the growing prices for that state. The continuing increases in homeowners insurance premiums came in a time when Ohio held the ninth place position in the country for disaster damage claims. This position was…

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