Ohio health insurance companies release recommendations to fight opioid abuse crisis

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Eight of the largest insurers in the state issued fifteen recommendations to combat the epidemic. Eight of Ohio’s largest health insurance companies have issued a list of 15 recommendations to fight the opioid abuse crisis. The misuse of these serious drugs has reached epidemic proportions within Ohio and many other states. The insurance companies have attempted to find areas where reasonable action is possible in combating the opioid abuse crisis. Among the recommendations are efforts to identify pregnant addicts to make certain they obtain the treatment they need. That said,…

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Ohio health insurance refunds will come to $11.3 million

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The rebates will be sent out to families in checks averaging $139 per family. This summer the Ohio health insurance rebates will be sending over 81,000 families throughout the state a total of $11.3 million. These refunds are a part of a nationwide repayment of $1.1 billion. On average, the rebate checks that will be received will be $139 for individuals and families with Ohio health insurance. However, some of the 81,500 families who will be receiving the payments will receive much more than that. In fact, the larger payments…

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