Mortgage insurance risk advice offered by Canadian watchdog

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The financial regulator in Canada has come up with a guideline draft for mitigating insurers risks. Canada’s financial regulator has now come up with a draft for certain mortgage insurance company guidelines that could help to decrease the risk that is currently present within the housing market. Analysts have cautioned that it could make it slightly harder for borrowers to obtain a home loan. The guidelines were created by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), and they would apply to that country’s three major mortgage insurance companies:…

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Canada introduces new insurance regulations framework

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New framework will guide the development of insurance regulations Canada lawmakers have revealed a new framework that will dictate changes being made to the country’s insurance regulations. The initiative is part of a global financial services overhaul of which Canada is a significant part. The global endeavor aims to impose stricter capital and liquidity regulations on banks and will have an impact on the insurance industry as well. By announcing the new regulatory framework, Canada officials are offering insurance industry officials with the opportunity to provide insight that could shape…

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