Force placed insurance settlement achieved in New York

forced placed insurance homeowners

The state has reached a decision to help to prevent future questionable practices in the industry. New York has faced a number of financial industry questionable practices in recent years and, among them, has been the issues with force placed insurance, where homeowners have found that they were paying far more than they would if they had found the coverage on their own. The coverage is purchased by mortgage lenders on behalf of homeowners that have let their policies lapse. The primary struggle that was faced in the force placed…

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New York regulators announce price reduction for forced placed insurance

New York Homeowners Insurance Rules

Homeowners to see some relief from ultra high premiums. The top financial regulator in New York state has ordered that forced placed insurance on homeowners policies be provided at a lower price, following a probe that determined that companies had been overcharging their customers. The deadline for the changes to the premium rates has been set at July 6, 2012. Benjamin M. Lawsky, the superintendent of the Department of Financial Services set the deadline for the filing of new price on the coverage for homeowners in New York, within this…

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