Long term care insurance changes coming to New Jersey

Long Term Care Insurance

This could mean that consumers – particularly women – will be paying considerably higher premiums. According to the latest information from New Jersey, it appears that consumers should start to prepare themselves for some considerably higher long term care insurance premiums before the second half of this year. This will be especially true for women, who could also find their policy provisions more restrictive. Consumers are also being cautioned that this could happen at any time without any warning. The long term care insurance industry is blaming the historically low…

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Residents of California still aren’t buying into long term care insurance

The results of a survey of the residents of California have just been released, to show that while an increasing number are aware that there is a possibility that they will be required to cover certain long term care costs, such as nursing homes, as they get older, only a small percentage are willing to purchase long term care insurance. The survey showed that when compared with the statistics from 17 years ago (when the survey was first conducted), today’s consumers are twice as likely to say that they are…

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