Homeowners insurance rate change requested for mobile homes

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The North Carolina Department of Insurance has released a statement to describe the request from the industry. The N.C. Department of Insurance (NCDOI) has now received a rate filing for homeowners insurance rates from the N.C. Rate Bureau, which is an entity that is not a part of the department, and which represents all insurers in the state that sell coverage for mobile homes. There are two different types of mobile home insurance that are offered in North Carolina. The first is through the MH(C) form, and the second is…

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Homeowners insurance controversy is brewing in North Carolina

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Homeowners issue complaints regarding rising insurance rates Homeowners in North Carolina are voicing their concerns over some insurance companies raising premiums over the state-approved maximum. In many parts of the state, homeowners insurance is becoming more expensive due to a loophole that exists in the state’s laws. This loophole allows insurers to send “Consent to Rate” notifications to homeowners that are about to renew their insurance policies. These notifications inform homeowners that their rates will be going up more than state law would allow for normally. Consent to Rate becomes…

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Homeowners insurance bill would change the rates in North Carolina

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Legislators from coastal communities are hoping to make the rate system different and more transparent. Lawmakers that are representing coastal North Carolina counties where residents are feeling high frustrations about the skyrocketing cost of homeowners insurance, have now introduced a number of bills that would change the way that the state regulates the rates that are charged as well as to add transparency to the system as a whole. One of the two primary measures has already been receiving bipartisan support as there are sponsors from both parties. Both Republicans…

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Allstate to drop homeowners if they do not get their auto insurance from the company

In an effort to rein in on risk in North Carolina, Allstate has begun dropping homeowner’s policies for those that refuse to also purchase their auto insurance from the company. The 45,000 homeowners Allstate currently provides coverage for in the state have been informed that they must switch their auto insurance policies over to Allstate by December 15 of this year or risk losing their home insurance policies entirely. The company cites risk management as the driving force behind the initiative. Those that lose their coverage from Allstate are not…

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