New Jersey home to some of the most expensive health insurance coverage in the US

new jersey health insurance

Report highlights the costs of insurance coverage throughout the US under the Affordable Care Act The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released a report that serves as the federal government’s first concerted effort to evaluate the affordability and availability of insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Some 36 states were evaluated for the report and the federal agency found that New Jersey was home to some of the most expensive coverage in the country. New Jersey residents are paying significantly more for their health insurance coverage…

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New Jersey: Government run health plan looking to close their doors

In New Jersey, hundreds of cities and school districts have saved a fortune by taking part in the state’s relatively unknown benefits program. For the past three years, an increasing number of people are dropping the insurance policies they bought from big name companies in favor of the state’s program. Some legislators are looking to change that by proposing a new bill that could severely inhibit the program. Stephen M. Sweeney, the State Senate president, is proposing legislation that would prohibit the state run insurance program from accepting new members.…

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