Auto insurance companies in NC want rate changes

Auto Insurance

Insurers in North Carolina are hopeful that the industry in the state will undergo alterations. The North Carolina auto insurance industry is currently divided between the companies that would like things to remain the same as they are now, and those that are hoping to give next year another try for changing the state’s unique regulatory system in order to be able to alter the rates. At the moment the state has some of the cheapest rates in the entire country. The industry will be arguing that the reason that…

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Auto insurance claims regarding deer-vehicle crashes on the rise

Auto Insurance claims on the rise with deer collisions

Adjusters and body shops in North Carolina have been especially busy this season. Although drivers in North Carolina have always needed to remain aware of deer near the roads, this year is proving to be an especially problematic one for auto insurance claims involving collisions between vehicles and the animals. This time of year presents a dangerous combination of hormonal deer and vehicle traffic at dusk and dawn. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Park and Recreation natural resources manager, Chris Matthews, “This is the time of year when the deer get…

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Auto insurance in North Carolina named one of the least expensive

auto insurance

Coverage may be costly in Michigan, but other states are breathing easy. Though drivers may be paying through the nose to maintain their auto insurance coverage, North Carolina motorists are paying a far lower percentage of their income into their protection. No matter the vehicle, North Carolina law has lower overall premiums for coverage than most states. In fact, at the moment, North Carolina residents are paying the second lowest portions of their household incomes toward their auto insurance in the entire country. The only state paying a lower amount…

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