Long-term care insurance is becoming more expensive

Long-Term Care Insurance

Report shows the rising cost of insurance coverage in the US The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, an industry trade group, has released a new report concerning the rising cost of this type of coverage. Long-term care insurance can be used to cover the cost of medical care in a home or a nursing home. This coverage is meant to offset the cost of medical and care services that are offered to those with prolonged illnesses and chronic disorders. This coverage is somewhat common, but many people do not…

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Gender gap continues to play an important role in health insurance premiums

According to the latest research issued in a report by the research and advocacy group, the National Women’s Law Center, women continue to pay higher premiums than men for the same health coverage. In 2014, when the new healthcare laws are fully implemented, the discrepancy between what men and women will pay for health insurance will cease, but at the moment, many states continue to see significant gaps between the premiums of men and women without any indication that the insurers intend to shrink them. The report will become available…

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