Motorcycle insurance policy coverage is frequently underestimated

Motorcycle Insurance policy

Many riders don’t realize the full extent of the protection they actually have when they purchase coverage. Most states require riders to own a motorcycle insurance policy when they head out on the roads. However, many policyholders don’t realize exactly what they can cover with these policies. There are many types of vehicle that can be included in this kind of protection. It is not uncommon for riders to expand their coverage to other vehicles once they realize they can. Regardless of whether or not it is required, purchasing a…

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Moped insurance mandate in North Carolina gets Senate panel support

moped insurance

Lawmakers in the state have now required that riders start to register their vehicles in July. A Senate panel in North Carolina has now laid down the requirement that will bring the state one step closer to mandated moped insurance as riders of the devices will need to register their vehicles as of next year. These small engine bicycles will soon be included among the vehicles that will require insurance. Last week, a Senate committee agreed with a House bill that said that a moped insurance requirement would also go…

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The helmet and insurance laws for Florida motorcycle riders

If certain insurance standards are met by an adult’s motorcycle policy, the law in Florida doesn’t require that individual to wear a helmet while they drive that vehicle. The majority of bikers are considered to be safe drivers. However, the problem is that they can still be injured by other careless motorists regardless of the care that they take. According to Florida Statute 316.211: • A person must be wearing protective headgear that has been properly and securely fastened in order to ride a motorcycle. That headgear must meet the…

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Understanding what is required from motorcycle insurance


The Motorcycle Industry Council’s data indicates that more than half – 55 percent – of all motorcycle riders were aged 40 or higher as of 2008, and this has changed the landscape of motorcycle insurance. In 1990 – a mere eight years earlier – only one-quarter of all motorcycle riders were in that same age bracket.  These drivers are no longer people who are young and feel that they are invincible.  Instead, the average motorcycle rider typically has a minimum of some college education, with a great deal more in…

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