Some insurers no longer sell wildfire insurance policies in Montana’s high risk zones

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As fires blast their ways across western portions of the states, many providers have refused to continue selling. Wildfire insurance policies are becoming harder to obtain in certain parts of Montana. Some insurance companies have decided to stop offering this protection in some of the zones where the fires are currently ablaze. This is not an abnormal practice for companies selling protection such as wildfire and flood insurance. “It’s very common for insurance policies when it comes to natural disasters, whether it be fires or floods, that insurers won’t write…

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Montana earthquake insurance policyholders are few and far between

montana earthquake insurance

Residents of the state are cleaning up after having experienced a 5.8-magnatude quake last week. Montana earthquake insurance has been a subject of discussion for the first time in a very long time as residents pick up after last week’s quake. Homeowners and business owners find themselves looking into their policies to see what type of damage is and is not covered when the ground rocks. In a state where earthquakes – particularly strong ones – rarely happen, insurance companies are getting inquiries. Agents say that they are receiving inquiries…

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Montana residents save $1.5 million by shopping around for health insurance policies

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HHS report shows that consumers are saving money by shopping around for coverage Many residents of Montana have saved money by shopping around for health insurance coverage, according to a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services. The federal agency recently urged consumers throughout the country to shop around for coverage. The agency suggested that many consumers may be paying too much for their insurance coverage, largely because they are unwilling to shop around and consider new options. In Montana, many consumers took this urging to heart,…

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Health insurance rates set to rise in Montana

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Insurance premiums for Montana residents expected to rise as much as 34% for 2016 coverage Montana residents can expect to see their health insurance premiums rise in 2016. Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen has announced that rates will increase between 22% and 34% in 2016, affecting as many as 41,000 people living in the state. The rate increases will not affect those that receive employer-sponsored health insurance coverage or those that receive coverage through and receive federal subsidies for these policies. Those in the private market, however, may experiencing a…

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Montana is working to expand its health insurance program

montana Health insurance

Montana opens public comment period for Medicaid expansion Federal officials are taking public comment in Montana concerning the expansion of Medicaid coverage. The state is currently working on expanding Medicaid coverage to some 70,000 low-income residents. The comment period is set to run through October 15, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Expanding the state’s health insurance program has been a hard battle, as state lawmakers have resisted expanding the program due such an action’s association with the Affordable Care Act. State has already outlined plans to…

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