Revolut travel insurance covers you using geolocation tech in your phone

Revolut Travel Insurance

This Fintech startup offers a subscription service offering international medical and dental coverage. The new Revolut travel insurance, the product of a Fintech startup, now offers international medical and dental coverage. The product involves the use of a mobile app and geolocation technology. For a small daily subscription fee, users are covered even when they travel from one country to another. The unique new form of Revolut travel insurance lets travelers purchase a basic cheap coverage that will follow them wherever they go, regardless of whether they head out of…

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GEICO launches Facebook app to connect with consumers

With the nation’s health insurance system soon to become electronic, other insurance industries are attempting to establish their digital presence in the hopes of connecting with consumers. GEICO Insurance has long enjoyed a formidable presence on the Internet, even before the so-called “digital gold rush.” The auto insurer is looking to further its reach, however, and has launched a new application on Facebook titled “GEICO Shortcuts.” The app will help GEICO customers find policies through the social network. Facebook has been targeted by the insurer due to its dramatic and…

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