Mental health was an important investment for people in the US during the pandemic

Americans increased their spending in this area of wellness according to a JAMA Health Forum study. A new study published in the JAMA Health Forum scientific journal has shown that mental health was a priority for Americans during the pandemic, leading to an increase in spending with private insurance. Even after telehealth platform popularity evened out, spending and demand for other services continued. The spending on mental health continued to increase even after telehealth platform popularity stopped growing. This increase in demand suggested a rising crisis in this area of…

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Health insurance not accepted by half of U.S. psychiatrists

mental health insurance

A new study has shown that these medical professionals will not be paid through a coverage plan. Recently, as the health care reform truly takes hold across the country, there has been a growing focus on mental health and integrating it with physical care, which has revealed that about half of all psychiatrists in the country will not accept health insurance. True integration of mental and physical wellness and care has been proving to be an increasingly difficult process. Physician Tara Bishop, who is also a researcher at Weill Cornell…

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Health insurance companies facing greater scrutiny in Massachusetts

Health Insurance premiums rise

Mental illness coverage will be a considerable focus for the state’s law and its enforcement. Mental health insurance has become a very hot topic, as seven different insurers have now reached settlements to pay consumers and the state for their failure to meet the legal coverage requirements in Massachusetts. The most recent of these settlements has spawned a greater effort by the Attorney General to solve the issue. Martha Coakley, the Attorney General, has taken inspiration from the health insurance settlements over mental illness coverage, and has now issued a…

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