Insurance news made in case of shooting, faked death, and fraud

Insurance fraud

A Florida suspect of attempted murder who is now living in Canada has been declared legally dead. Alex Varga has found himself at the heart extremely curious insurance news headlines in a Florida case in which he was the suspect in a shooting, but where he fled the country until finally making his way to Canada, where he has discovered that his wife – still in Florida – had declared him dead in order to collect on his life policy. Varga will now likely never be tried for the shooting…

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Life insurance from Manulife now available to customers in Cambodia

Insurance News

One of the largest insurers in the world is has now started selling in this Southeast Asian country. Manulife Financial will now be selling life insurance in Cambodia now that it has made the first official announcement regarding the grand opening of its first office in located in Phnom Penh. Considered an historic event, the insurer released the details at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal. There, Manulife partners met with many guests, including government officials, its own partners, and local media, all of whom took part in a celebration that…

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