Peace of Mind: 6 Benefits of Construction Risk Insurance

Construction risk management

If you didn’t have a clue on risk management, it’s time you know about it. It’s a core leadership approach that safeguards your success from any potential threats and, ensures they’re dealt with before they derail your business. However, if you have problems managing your business or projects, you can always construct risk insurance to help you with management. Below are six benefits of building risk insurance. 1. It Enables You Spot Projects in Trouble Risk management enables you to see beyond the expectations. You can identify where more attention…

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New risk management tool could fill in the gaps left by conventional catastrophe models

Karen Clark & Company, a catastrophe management firm serving the insurance industry, has developed a new tool that could help insurers manage their risks in a changing world of natural disasters. The past two years have been the most catastrophic years in history in terms of insurance. Natural disasters from both 2010 and 2011 have cost the industry billions and have left it staggered. Insurers are hoping that 2012 will not be as disastrous as its predecessors. If it is, however, they will have a new risk management tool at…

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Reinsurance industry may be facing troubling times despite recent victories

After facing uncertain and worrisome times in 2008 and 2009, the global reinsurance industry has been enjoying the relative successes of the past two years. Those two years have made a major difference in the industry as new risk models were released, allowing reinsurers to judge the value of risk more accurately. While the industry is certainly experiencing a time of prosperity, there are a number of factors that are adding to concerns about the future and what can be done to mitigate disasters that may be looming on the…

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