Life insurance study shows satisfied claimants

life insurance customer satisfaction

The results of a recent study have revealed that 95 percent of the people who have made claims are satisfied. According to the outcome of a recent LIMRA survey, additional services offered by life insurance companies, such as coverage coordination and grief counseling are generating a larger amount of business, boosting recommendations, and are enhancing the positive perception of claimants. The study showed that among the beneficiaries of the policies, the vast majority are quite satisfied with the experience. The LIMRA research indicated that 95 percent of life insurance beneficiaries…

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Women may not have enough knowledge about their life insurance policies, says MetLife

A new study from MetLife Insurance shows that working women may not be as knowledgeable about their life insurance policies as they should be. The study, titled MetLife 2011 Insurance Literacy Study, finds that 45% of working women have not taken a second look at their insurance needs since obtaining their first life insurance policy. This could leave their families at financial risk should the unexpected happen. Researchers with MetLife say that more steps should be taken to educate consumers on how their needs change over time and the importance…

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