Cost of insurance too high for Maine town to fly American flag

Cost of insurance - American Flag

The smallest town in the state simply doesn’t have adequate liability coverage to honor its military veterans. The town of Randolph, Maine, wanted to honor military veterans by flying American flags. However, the cost of insurance to cover potential liabilities is too high. Therefore, the smallest town in the state will be unable to fly American flags on their utility poles. The liability insurance expense was too high for the budget associated with this project. The Randolph Fire Association held a fundraiser around a year ago. This fundraiser was to…

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Insurance companies sued by Minnesota Archdiocese

St Mary's Catholic Church Minnesota insurance claims companies

Twenty insurers are have had lawsuits filed against them over issues regarding sex abuse claims. In Minnesota, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has now announced that it has filed lawsuits against 20 insurance companies in an effort to attempt to force those insurers to have to pay for the liabilities on claims involving sex abuse by the clergy. The lawsuit has now been filed in federal court, saying that the archdiocese should have been covered for decades. The complaint stated that the insurance companies had been providing liability…

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Liability insurance demand is increasing in India

Companies are experiencing exponential increases in the number of lawsuits and need protection. In India, businesses are experiencing an increase in the number of lawsuits that are filed against them, at a rate of 30 to 40 percent per year, which has caused companies to flock to their insurers to purchase liability insurance. This has boosted demand in that sector at a staggering rate, with an estimated growth of 10 to 20 percent annually. Among the more popular forms of liability insurance that businesses are purchasing include credit, director and…

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