Survey highlights auto insurance myths that consumers believe are true

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Survey shows that many drivers believe in myths about what affects the cost of their insurance coverage has released the results of a new survey concerning the auto insurance myths that consumers believe are true. The survey was meant to uncover the factors that drivers believes influence the price of their insurance coverage. Many drivers believe that myths, such as owners of red vehicles are charged more for coverage, are true, which may have an impact on how they shop for coverage as well as the vehicles that they…

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Drivers may be able to save money on auto insurance coverage

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Drivers could be missing out on opportunities to save money on their coverage Drivers in the United States may be missing out on auto insurance savings, according to a new study from The study shows that the average driver has not changes their auto insurance provider for 12 years, with more than a third of drivers never shopping for new insurance policies that may be less expensive. By seeking out new providers, drivers may be able to find better coverage at lower premiums. Loyalty may not be the best…

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Homeowners insurance confusion is common in California

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Confusion concerning homeowners insurance protection is a major problem in California Confusion is a common problem among a large portion of Californians when it comes to the basics of homeowners insurance. A new poll from, an insurance aggregator, shows that many people do not accurately know what their homeowners insurance policies cover. This confusion is not only common in California, of course, and has been documented elsewhere in the U.S. Homeowners insurance confusion was recently highlighted as a major issue that exacerbated the impact of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Homeonwers…

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